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With a keen eye on design, Jaga's near silent, compact fan coil solutions don’t compromise on power, delivering robust hydronic heating and cooling to reduce energy and ductwork in a building.

Creating Space

Whether you're designing a new open office, residential space or remodeling an older building, JAGA'S fan coil units are engineered to save space. Measuring approximately 9 inches deep, they can be built into minimal ceiling drops, which means smaller bulk heads and greater height between the floor and ceiling. With a realized height savings of at least 2-inches per level, architects have added additional building floors when using horizontal fan coil units from Jaga.

When Jaga’s fan coils are used as perimeter heating/cooling with the whisper-quiet units placed directly in the living/working space, the space savings can be maximized. This allows for a reduction in space required for mechanical/fan room footprints, leading to more leasable floor space.

Jaga heating and cooling technology is ideal for a mechanical system where the perimeter is completely decoupled from the interior space, providing maximum efficiency and space savings.

Quiet Concentration

Unlike many other fan coil units on the market, our systems are quiet—providing up to 27 feet of horizontal air flow at under 35 dBA. They are designed for today while keeping the needs of tomorrow in mind.

Product video Fan Coil Units



As thin as it gets for a hydronic fan coil! With a near silent low voltage EC motor, Briza delivers quick and efficient heating or cooling. Measuring just 4.7” in depth, its slim profile allows for surface mounting or easy installation into the wall or ceiling. It operates without the traditional hum of most fan coils and offers advanced temperature controls for optimum comfort.


The Briza is the ideal, energy-efficient solution to work alongside low-temperature energy systems such as heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers as well as chillers.


At just 8.7” deep, the Briza is the ultimate hydronic fan coil for quiet, space-saving heating and cooling. Tucked into the wall or ceiling in ducted or non-ducted installation, it operates off an EC Motor so quiet you won’t even know its there! Briza 22 can cover up to 27' of horizontal air throw and remain under 35dBA.

Ideal for non ducted or ducted installations as a space saving solution. Use the compact Briza 22 fan coil in the ceiling and its space saving design has the potential to allow another floor within a given building height.

Briza can easily handle up to 0.4" of external static pressure for ducted installations. Need more? Briza 22 with High Performance 208V-60hz single phase motor handles up to 0,7" of external static pressure.

Ventilation with Briza 22 is also possible with addition of the air mixing box.


Our largest compact fan coil allowing for increased capacity while still maintaining quiet operation. Six row hydrophobically coated cooling coil for max cooling output.

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