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Heat Pump Symposium, Vancouver BC

What is the Heat Pump Symposium?

The Heat Pump Symposium is a one day conference bringing together manufacturers, wholesalers, technicians and more, to discuss the latest equipment developments, exchange valuable knowledge, and share actionable strategies for how the industry can make the most of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Granite Geohydronic Supply in Vancouver, BC

With our partners at Enertech Global, Granite Geohydronic Supply will be attending this years Heat Pump Symposium on May 30th, 2024. We will be showcasing the Advantage Air to Water Heat Pump, as well as the chance to learn about our line of Jaga Hydronic Fan Coils and more!

Why Heat Pumps?

Across Canada, the heat pump is becoming the technology of choice for addressing our most pressing environmental challenges. Whether it’s Air-to-Air, Geothermal, Air-to-Water or other options, Heat Pump technology is our best bet for addressing Canada’s crucial decarbonization goal while reducing costs and boosting efficiencies.

Why go Advantage?

The Advantage is a turnkey solution, bringing modern heating and cooling capabilities to life. The first complete air-source solution to offer radiant heating, up to 100% of domestic hot water heating, and forced air heating and cooling, all with high-efficiencies, utility cost-savings, and capabilities for net zero status.

The Advantage uses a Monobloc design, which eliminates the need for refrigerant lines between the outdoor and indoor units, resulting in greater ease of installation and service, as well as increased reliability. With its variable-speed vapor injection scroll compressor, the unit produces heat in extreme cold temperatures (down to -13°F or -25°C), which surpasses traditional air-source systems.

Service in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Granite Geohydronic Supply proudly serves the Vancouver and Lower Mainland regions.

Our goal is to supply the highest performance, built-to-last mechanical systems, with the environment and healthy, comfortable indoor climates at the forefront of our focus. We look forward to the opportunity to connect and grow our network at this years event. We hope to see you there!

Learn more about the Advantage Air to Water Heat Pump below.

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